We've decided to close signups right now instead of in the evening as we had planned originally. All users can create invites at

Our reasons: We discovered that we were prominently listed on despite our opt-out, and the resulting amount of signups on what we see as a community instance was both unintended and unceasing. Communities, in our experience, are not limited in size, but in sustainable speed of growth.

@rixx I like that way you guys think! Thank you for sharing, both of you @leah

@maloki @leah We'd have been much happier if joinmastodon had honored our opt-out. Now we have to try and figure out how much damage this did.

@rixx Yeah, I know. I could obviously go deeper, but I don't want to dredge up drama around it. @leah

@maloki @rixx @leah I was responsible for this issue. It's now fixed. I forgot to tell Gargron to use a parameter to exclude such instances in the requests from
Now it's fixed and deployed, may reopen registrations and won't appear on anymore.

I'm really sorry for that.

@rixx Please contact @TheKinrar about that. We get the list of instances from

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