People on – you can now go into and select a theme from

- The default Mastodon theme with minor mods: Columns are a bit wider than by default, and they don't shrink beyond a certain point, preferring to add horizontal scrolling.
- The default Mastodon light theme
- The default Mastodon high contrast theme
- A variation on the default theme where the available columns grow to fill the screen.

(More on themes to come later.)

@rixx Thank you for a scrolling theme!
Maybe the same with a bit wider columns as well?
Anyway, I probably can adjust the width with a simple user-css now.

Another thing for scrolling would be a tweetdeck like sidebar (probably requires some html changes), which allows to jump to a column.

@allo HTML changes are not going to happen – that just wouldn't be maintainable for us. Adding themes is fairly easy. Changing HTML (which is essentially source code) would require applying that patch at every upgrade, and that's not something we're willing to do.

@rixx I love the custom layout, but I'd set the minimum column width a bit higher, let's just say 350px.

@zichy If you want to be the perfect model citizen, you could submit a PR here (maybe with a screenshot of wider vs current).

@rixx Light theme plus is really nice (just download the userscript file, edit it and add the domain to the top and drop it into the Chrome extensions page)

@rixx Ah, finally, no more wasted space in fullscreen mode
due to option 4 🙂
Thanks a lot (for this and everything else)!

@rixx halleluja! Endlich ist nicht mehr alles schwarz! ❤️

@rixx Thanks a bunch, makes stuff more comfortable! :)

I guess being able to minimize the sidebar isn't something that could be done within a theme?

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