Are there fitness trackers – devices that count steps and track heart rate – that sync to self hostable software instead of creepy places like fitbit/garmin/…?

@rixx well, there is - but it's not a full "product" yet
and maybe there are some other fancy heart rate measurement devices, but nothing complete :/

@rixx I found yesterday (and hopefully I can test it tomorrow). It should work with different trackers.

@r4mp Hmm, I think the only device with okayish hr measurement that is supported is the Mi Band?

@rixx The hr measurement of the Amazfit Cor (which I ordered yesterday) should be good to. But it will be my first fitness tracker, so I don't have comparables.

@rixx I have a Mi Band 2 with gadgetbridge. The tracking works good for the price, at all it is okayish. The app, gadgetbridge, works from a technical perspective but the ui/ux isn't really great. I could show it to you at MRMCD.

@rixx I have a Garmin, because Garmin is able to send the data to other sites like Strava, Nike and others. Of course your data is at Garmin first to make that happen.

@nostalgix I use Garmin, too, but only for running and I dunt take it online, so Garmin doesn't get the data. I upload the files myself.

@rixx I never tried to get the data out of the watch without online function. I would have guessed you need their Windows or Macintosh software to do so?

@nostalgix Erm, nope? It just shows as USB mass storage, I can just mount it on Linux.

@rixx Dammich. Should have tried that at least. Good to know.

@rixx has a list of supported devices. it's so non-creepy, you have to use f-droid instead of google play to get the app ;-)

@rixx I'm using an Amazfit Bip with #gadgetbridge and it works quite well.

@rixx miiband (1-3) and the new miiwatch do both work with 3. party apps e.g. gadgetbridge that keeps you data local on the phone from where you can export it. Now cloudy floudy.

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