Die Familie hat den Adventskalender liebevoll bestückt!

@rixx 😺 So cute. Could I trace it, for an svg file? It would look nice as part of some Fediverse artwork (mentioning the author in credits, or just a link to your toot)

@lightone It's pretty much a direct adaptation of our stickers! Feel free to trace it, and I think "rixx's little sister" should be okay for credits. 😉

@lightone @rixx If you've not already traced it I also could give you the svg for the sticker.

@rash We could add that to our custom repo anyways. And/or think about the next sticker version, as comes closer.

@rash Haven't had the time to trace yet. I'd be very grateful for the svg, not to duplicate work. P/s you are not @rixx's little sister by any chance? If I use the svg (or parts of it) can I credit you by giving your Mastodon account link?:)

@lightone No, not the sister :D
Here's the svg:
For the next print we'll probably change the color to be less dark:

No credit necessary, it's pretty much based on the original landing page graphics:

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