Hahaha, oh wow, I started looking up the x280, but apparently it's got 40% less battery life, and no swappable battery at that? Wow. Apparently, if I want an X270, but slimmer, I need to look at Dell laptops.

@sandzwerg People recommend the XPS13, but yeah, I can't use a laptop without a trackpoint.

@rixx @sandzwerg Same. As a radio amateur I need a mouse that does not stop working as soon as there's some field strength next to a transmitter.

@rixx @sandzwerg thought that as well, pretty happy without one for a year now. Turns out not all touch pad are as shitty as the Lenovo ones ;)

@johan works on an XPS, IIRC

@rami @rixx @sandzwerg @johan I had to change (because of business reasons) to the MacBook Pro and i also thought that I will miss the red dot. Far from it, in the end it was just the bad Lenovo touchpad...

@jom @rami It's not that I dislike touchpads in general, it's that I dislike moving my hands away from the keyboard!

@rami @rixx @sandzwerg @johan actually the new Lenovo-Touchpads are quite nice. Nice enough that "disable-touchpad-in-bios"-Me actually uses it together with the nubsi. I also didn't believe it at first, given Lenovo's strongly defended the most-shitty-touchpad-in-the-world-award in the past.

@rami @rixx @sandzwerg Yep, I use an XPS13 9350 (the model from two generations ago). Sorry for the late reply (Mastodon notifications didn't arrive...)

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