GitHub now offers unlimited private repositories on its unpaid, regular accounts:,

This is nice, sure, but: If at all possible, please consider using other services – your local hackerspace might have a git server, or people around here might open theirs to you if you ask – or you could host it yourself, if you have the capability and resources.


In case you are wondering which git server you want to host, here is a very comprehensive comparison chart:

Personally, I like gitea a lot.

@rixx looks like gitea is the tool that I should have a closer look at.

Which misses at least gerrit, which uses the better approach than PR. (rebase instead of merge).

@rixx not very comprehensive. they neglect gitbucket, which is excellent in my experience.

@rixx thanks a lot! have installed gitea on my vserver and it works like a charm - using only a tiny amount of resources! I was considering to use gitlab, which would have been a complete overkill. I even consider to use gitea at work! We are not that many developers. Do you have any experience with a larger amount of users? how stable is it?

@esopriester Great to hear that! I don't have personal experience with multiple active users, but I know several instances running like that. How many people are we talking about?

@rixx in the end, I think not more than 10 users using it on a Daily base. Maybe 30 who just need access to read and occasionally push something.

@esopriester Sounds like something I'd trust gitea with, yeah.

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