Dear inhabitants – please be reminded that we ask you not to create invites for this instance that are valid indefinitely / for infinite people! We're looking for slow, organic growth, not a sudden onslaught as we've experienced in the past.

So feel free to invite friends and other people you want to see here – but please be responsible with this option.
Invites with indefinite availability are occasionally disabled by us, to prevent mindless use/abuse.

@rixx Is it not possible to remove the “indefinite” option for creating invites in favor of only time-limited ones? (With a site config option.) If not, that would make a sensible feature-request for @Gargron I guess.

@MacLemon @rixx @Gargron Maybe just a cron job for the corresponding SQL query? This would be a hack, but possibly a working one ;).

@MacLemon @Gargron
I'd like to keep the number of Hackt cronjobs that modify our database to a minimum, and we already have more than I'm comfortable with.

@rixx @allo I didn't mean as a hacky cron job, but as a normal config variable for the application. Somethig like allow_indefinite_invites=false which would not offer a choice of creating indefinite invites, and allow_unlimitedcount_invites=false.


@MacLemon Yeah, I got what you meant, but I was responding to the suggestion allo made, regarding a cron job for the SQL query.

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