I was asked for book recommendations from non-(white, male) authors. Even with Fediverse character limits I had to write a thread, so I put them into a blog post.

SFF Perspectives – 14 recommended authors: rixx.de/blog/sff-perspectives/

@rixx Saladin Ahmed's Throne of the Crescent Moon comes to mind, lots of people really like it.
I'd recommend Sheri Tepper. Her novel Grass is bonkers, in a good way. The rest of her work is on my tbr-list.


@mann_ey I'll add Throne of the Crescent Moon to the list, thanks! I've looked at it before, but without recommendation it didn't speak to me enough to add it.
As for Sheri Tepper, thanks for the rec! I only heard of her Gate to Women's Country before, and wasn't that interested. Grass has been added to my (absurdly long) reading list.

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