I was asked for book recommendations from non-(white, male) authors. Even with Fediverse character limits I had to write a thread, so I put them into a blog post.

SFF Perspectives – 14 recommended authors: rixx.de/blog/sff-perspectives/

You should give Kameron Hurley a read.
She does both sci-fi and fantasy with very detailed and interesting worlds and characters, focused on strong, female protagonist ( and antagonists as well ).


@ck I haven't even got her on my to-read list yet – where would you recommend I start?

If you want a longer read, I can recommend the Worldbreaker Saga, its a three part fantasy story with part three coming out late this year (fingers crossed).
Otherwise "The Stars are Legion" are defiantly a good start, its a single peace space opera of sorts.

@ck I'll add the Mirror Empire to my reading list – I remember looking at both that and Stars Are Legion and the bad reviews turned me away. (This will take some time to bubble to the top of the list though.) Thank you!

Well, your list is prioritized by popularity (if I understood your process correctly), so authors without a huge fan base are going to fall through the cracks quite often I imagine. On the other hand, she hasn't won her Hugo without merrits ;)

Hurley is definitely not always an "easy" read, you need to invest some effort to wrap your mind around her ideas. I for one believe those are the stories worth reading. If a book offers me the mind-numbing equivalent of Netflix, whats the point?


@ck Popularity does come into it, sure, but if an author (or a single review) convinces me, I'll pull them ahead of the queue, too. That's why I'll get to The Calculating Stars this year, for instance, or The Wolf in the Whale.

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