Okay, so asking the Fediverse is asking for biased opinions, but here it goes: If you were to specify an API format for a service, would you choose to go with definitions/fields and JSON-LD?

As the last release was in 2017, I'm a bit afraid on beating a dead horse by going with them …


It *really* does depend on the sum of requirements and constraints, both written and unwritten, business domain, environment, etc.

Personally, in one project I got some inspiration from it (and other ontologies) but would not use the ontology or json-ld just for the hell of it, only if *that* was a specific functional requirement.

@rixx For API formats I would use nowadays. Simple, not overengineered, solves a lot of common problems.

@rixx I started using with HTML markup, I am not sure if JSON+LD is a good idea or not. I know that some larger sites are using it, e.g. the Tele5 mediathek. And a release from 2017 is not that old in 2019.
For a new API you could use it or not. Using it has the advantage of a ready-to-use specification. But on the other hand, when you're designing the API yourself it does not matter if it follows existing specifications.

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