tip: Since I just taught this to a couple of very surprised people, let me repeat it here just in case you didn't know: ``git checkout -`` works just like ``cd -``, and switches to the last branch/commit/whatever you had checked out, making switches forward and backward very easy.

@rixx another git tip I've mentioned a few times: pick a random git man page and read it. You'll learn something interesting!

@rixx and without fail someone feels the need to link this whenever I say it

@sir Haha, sorry – I do like reading git man pages! I don't like recommending it to people myself, because I feel that the git-scm pages are more helpful to most people. But *if* somebody mentions git man pages, I always want to make their life more fun with a reference to the generator (which is a great project imo). Sorry if it's annoying you.

@rixx honestly the git man pages are really great. They're well written and engaging and I think that this generator needlessly puts people off of them. Someone who's never read a git man page and sees this first is going to assume that the manual is obtuse and opaque, which is far from the truth.

@sir Wuuuell. If you know the structural basics of git, I absolutely agree. For getting people into git (especially people who are not well versed with man, so navigating/searching is not easy), and who don't know that the general structure is "info – infoDUMP – examples", they're pretty terrifying. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the generator is from times when the man pages were more, erm, concise. But I know that more low-level git man-pages are still confusing to me on their own (eg repack).

@sir I think I just see it as more lighthearted fun than you do, but I see your point. I'll just continue sending people to git-scm. (And that's even though I myself learned a lot from the day I was bored in uni and read every git man page 🤓 )

@rixx to be sure, I'm not upset - I appreciate that you're spreading good knowledge of git to your peers and around the fediverse.

@sir Just wanted to make sure you knew I appreciated your point of view – you know how written comms can be weird about tone of voice and stuff.

@rixx @sir b/c one's avaialable offline and optimized to the version running on your local machine?

@jalcine I'm pretty sure my local man pages don't include the content on the page I linked, but if you have a version with those pages, feel free to link them to me! I'd be happy to package them for my distro.

@sir @rixx I've probably read the git-rebase manpage more times than is healthy

@ben @sir Same. Great ASCII art of the modern age right there.

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