Has anybody here used Zulip? It looks like group chat software I might actually enjoy, what with having conversations threaded by topic(!!) and what not.

@dorifer Yeah, found and boosted it already. Thanks though!

@maxx Sure! How is the native app situation? What are the pain points of self-hosting? Are there things you like or dislike specifically about the interface? Do you use any integrations with other tools?

@rixx I don't use the app as afaik it does not support client certificates. The app (also afaik) does not have any benefits over the web client. Main annoyance for me is that you can't delete messages and edits have a visible history (might be configurable). We have no integragtion with other tools.

@maxx Ah wow, so it's yet another browser-first solution? I'm afraid that won't do for me.

@rixx Depends a lot on what your requirements and users are.

@maxx Nah, if a project focuses on browser UI above native UI, usually that gap only widens over time. I already have plenty of friends not using alternative chat platforms (or Mastodon, for that matter) for exactly the lack of proper platform support. Not really interested in yet another variation on that.

@rixx How do you define native UI? Android, iOS, Windows, Linux... they do have those and also a REST api. I just don't know how good their apps are. Personally I'd prefer IRC and XMPP always.

@maxx XMPP for group chats? Wow, that actually works for you? For me, XMPP rooms were always hellish to navigate. As for IRC, sure I use it, but it fills a very different use case than group chats like Zulip/Rocket/etc.

@rixx As I said, it depends a lot on your requirements and users.

@rixx You should try mattermost they have the best app.
Yunohost Has an working app for it so no pain in running it and managing server 😃


@maxx @rixx that is configurable. You can turn on off deletions and edit histories and a 15 min(?) edit grace period.

@rixx "productive team chat" - ist das nicht ein Oxymoron?

@robelix Nein. Außer du definierst alle Unterhaltungen als unproduktiv (das ist diese Techie-Falle, "Alle Meetings sind scheiße!!!", schreien sie).

@rixx Ja eh nicht 100% ernst gemeint...

Hab' eben schon genügend Chat-, Wiki-, Ticket-, Collaboration-, usw-Tools gesehen, die als "die Lösung für alles" eingeführt wurden und bei Weitem nicht gehalten haben was Manche sich davon erhofften.

Aber das da könnte tatsächlich mal ein paar Features haben um das leidige Slack wegzuargumentieren.

@rixx I know that @blinry is using it and has also been tooting a little about it (look for the thread about his stay at the coding retreat)

@rixx I found it interesting that any message got a topic too, I guess it can be very helpful in big rooms. But for me the main disadvantages are, that it is not an decentralized system and that there are are no bridges into other services e.g. IRC. I stay with Matrix and Riot, I am very happy with this solution. As far as I know Matrix gonna add the threading feature in the near future too.

@rixx wir verwendens in unserer Firma mit ca. 220 Menschen. Super verbesserung zu Skype, das Threading funktioniert meist. Bei Mattermost vs Zulip: Zulip++ für Besseres Threading, Mattermost++ für besseres Styling und Stabilität.

@rixx Bonus wir habn sogar nen eigenen Katzenbilder-Stream. Und ein einzelnes (Oktopus) Emoji kann man als Topic verwenden.

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