Do you use a self-hosted newsletter service like Mailtrain, Maily Herald, Mautic, or Postal? Any recommendations?

@rixx Been running a PHPlist instance for a year now. (OpenSource with Company backing the project with a paid service.)
Yes, it's PHP… it's quite stable and performant. Works surprisingly well. Can set it to track or not track anything. (GDPR compliant with invites, blocklists, double-opt-in subscription)

Requires a webserver (nginx works fine), MySQL, PHP 7.2+, and a Mailserver to send messages.
Does templating, campaigns, stats, reports.

I'd use it again.

No software rec, but: be sure to get a dedicated IP, different from your normal MX out for that, because you *will* end up on crappy blacklists...

I'm abusing Mailman as a Newsletter-Service with the recipients as read-only members of the list. It's relatively convenient for the sender, because it's just sending the mail to the list address.

@rixx mailtrain with SES doing a decent job so far. (2k subscribers) only thing I’d like to see improve is the UI

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