I believe no currently running series makes me happier than Ducktales.

@rixx Wait.. are you telling there is currently running some Ducktales somewhere?

@dkl Dude! There is a new Ducktales! It looks different, but it's good! Plenty of fun, second season currently, super talented voice actors, and not least of all: A delightfully Scottish David Tennant as Scrooge!

@rixx Oh my goddess... here goes my productive next week. 😭 🤩

@dkl It's brilliant and you should let me know what you think once you have watched the first couple of episodes. Have fun, I envy you the experience!

But is there a place where you can stream them legally? Haven't seen in it Netflix not sure about Amazon.

@dkl Ich wechsel die Streaming-Dienste einfach durch, guck was mich interessiert, und geh zum nächsten…

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