This is a great explanation of git for people who have not yet had to work with it:

@rixx wirklich nice. Danke für's aufmerksam machen!

@rixx This will work great as long as the humans don't try touching the CLI, in which case this explanation will not help very much. :P

@rixx I think it's pretty interesting, for example, that this thing doesn't talk about the staging area. That seems like an unnecessary complication for me. Gitless gets rid of the staging area too, and that is supposedly based off usability research.

@JordiGH Sure it will. People still need to know what a repo is and what commits and branches do. Also, no reason to make people use the CLI, especially less technical folks.

"This introduction is not a tutorial!" is as correct as it is irrelevant. 😉

@rixx On the other hand, this isn't really a git explanation at all, just a snapshot-based DVCS explanation, works equally well for Mercurial and Fossil.

@JordiGH *sigh*

Yes, yes it is. And I'm sure if you put it in these terms people would be super intere… – no, that would be confusing. Putting it in simple terms ("git works like this!") is great for newcomers, especially since they probably have heard of git(hub) already. You can still say "btw, mercurial and fossil work just the same way!" later on. But with your phrasing, you'd have to explain additional terms, which is what this presentation skillfully avoids.

@rixx I just don't like that this presentation is making it harder to teach anything other than git while simultaneously making it difficult to teach git.

I just don't like git.

@JordiGH Oh, well "I don't like git, so people shouldn't learn it" is certainly a stance. But I don't think criticizing a presentation about git on that basis is fair or productive.

I'm not sure what your experiences with teaching git are, but at least in my workshops, starting from a high level approach yielded *much* better results than any alternative, so I think this presentation is doing good work.

(</thread> for me)

@rixx This stems from my own frustrations in the workplace where every other week or so we have to sit down and explain git (to technical people) and everyone has their own different ideas of what it's supposed to be doing (and everyone already understands what this presentation is talking about) and we also can't map our understanding of git to the various interfaces to it. Some know how to use a CLI, some use a GUI, and we can't tell each other how to do what we know in the other interface.

@rixx My previous workplace with Mercurial was *much* easier. Everyone understood how to use it, we never really needed to go beyond what was in this presentation. No staging area, no "what is a branch?", no blob-tree-commit-ref data structure, no force-pushing, no a bunch of other irrelevant extra inevitable gitisms that are really a scourge on our entire industry.

@rixx "more expressive power than filenames" is a really good point :-)

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