@rixx This is hilarious. Thanks for making this up and giving me a smile :)

@uniporn Happy to hear somebody liked my totally-not-procrastination-based post. 😃

@daniel_bohrer I was very tempted to add this comment, but I've always hated that saying with a passion, sooooo …

@daniel_bohrer Whoa, thanks for summoning me, I love everything about this, @rixx <3 <3

@blinry @daniel_bohrer Ehh, lemme put it on birdsite, too, in that case ;)

@rixx I had four years of Latin in middle school so this brings back some memories :)

@blinry @daniel_bohrer

@dorifer @blinry @daniel_bohrer Yeah, I had mine years of more or less enthusiastic Latin, and I'm sure I have forgotten most of it.

@jakob Haha, it's the longest, because we need many different ways of saying "not our fault"

@rixx never thought of it that way. i like that way of describing 4xx errors ^^'

@rixx That's amazing! I will start spreading the word tomorrow! Thanks for the effort!

@rixx Laudate rixx est! Nam eius commitment ad linguam Latinam ad hoc tempus!

@rixx I'm somehow interested in actually returning these

@tobiaswiese And you can, if you want to, and nothing should really crash or complain. The reason part of the HTTP code response es pretty much unparsed. In nginx, all the status reasons are collected in a single file, so you'll just have to edit that one and recompile.

But, I mean, for no other language/place HTTP status reasons are localized, so I thought it to be unidiomatic and did not include an example file. ;)

That is awesome!
I think the EU should adopt Latin as the official language anyways and this is a great start!

@rixx Einfach genial. Mein Favorit:

If 404 is “not found”, and 302 is “found”, then these two are clearly anti status, or a status with an arch nemesis, or something.

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