B612 is an open-source font developed by Airbus. It's the result of a research project to define and validate an “Aeronautical Font” to improve display of information on the cockpit screens, in particular in terms of legibility and comfort of reading.

In my experience, it does its job very well. I use it as display font for my status bars/GUI headers, and I like it very much. I wouldn't use it for long texts, especially for programming, though, and I *like* how it does one thing well.

@rixx Awesome font! Too bad it doesn't have diacritics for my language.

@pskosinski Oh, interesting, what are you missing? I only tested German ones and whatever came to mind afterwards (and was easily accessible via compose keys), like these.

@rixx would say the monospaced version should be okay for programming (although I prefer Fira Sans Mono for that)

@koppts Well, every programmer prefers their own font selection, and of course technically every mono font "should be okay for programming".
But I found plenty wrong with B612 for programming: ":" and ";" look very similar, and they are placed far to the left instead of center, which looks very weird in a programming context. 0 and O are almost interchangeable, no markings for the zero. ( looks very much like a [ in other fonts. Those alone are dealbreakers for me.

@rixx yeah. totally understandable. I just had a glance at the font.

@rixx @koppts Interesting that the 0 isn't a slash version, given that the image at the top of the page clearly shows a slash zero...

@rixx what I don't understand: the zero is not stricken through.


@jpmens @rixx @cstrotm even more interesting when the mockup hero image at the top has stricken 0s.

@kline @jpmens @rixx

According to this leaflet about the font, the stricken 0 is on codepoint E007:

So it should be straightforward to fork and expose the zero

@rixx Those asymmetric inkwells are amazing. I could stare at the capital X all day. ❤️

@pskosinski So yeah, it fucks up the spacing on the monospace font (I don't have the regular one handy), but all the diacritics are there:

@rixx Weird, I was typing that text into Google Fonts and I was getting rectangles everywhere.

@rixx Hm… I feel like on your screen, polish diacritics are taken from some other font.

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