The internet is full of advice on how to be a good speaker. Remarkably little is written about how to be a bad speaker – luckily there is a text by the wonderful Kurt Tucholsky on this topic. I translated it here:

@rixx When I browsed different talks last week, I noticed again, that today a lot of speakers spend minutes to introduced theirself and their company. To me, this is kind of waste of my time when you are interested in the topic itself 🤔

@rixx @rash I had a German Literature teacher in 8th or 9th grade, who recommended this text to our class. Next thing was we had to write a speech following Tucholskys advice and present it - one after the other - to the whole class. It was a lesson for life.

omg, I'm at school again! One of our teachers wrote his own material because there wasn't anything on the market. The book was long, boring, with lots of numbers that really didn't matter. And the man read it aloud in class! When the bell rang for the next period, and he wasn't ready, he kept reading. We left the classroom, and he didn't even notice. He was still reading when we passed his classroom a few minutes later....

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