Monetization concepts are 🤬. pretalx is a cool product, and I want it to be affordable for small confs, but also have income via the larger/well-funded events, and there is just no metric for this. # of submissions/talks/days/rooms are horrible measures. If you have any ideas …

Currently, having a hosted pretalx event is just a fixed price, at a reduced rate for community events, loosely defined. This is pretty fair (I think?), but doesn't fund work on pretalx (I recently disclosed all income in 2019 so far:

@rixx I'd charge by (self-declared) number of attendees with a discount for non-profit events.

@russss Interesting, just got the same suggestion on Twitter. I'll play with the numbers a bit, to make them come out like they do now for a typical event. The only problematic area I can see is that corporate events are often well-funded, but don't have that many attendees.

@rixx I would ask people in the premium collective how they define the negative discounts for bigger quantities.

@txt_file I'm not sure that this transfers well to software. We already take more money from larger companies.

@rixx how about ticket prices? (Idea is that community events have cheaper tickets then well funded business events)

@Balu Yeah, I'd really like to play with ticket price * attendee, but first off ticket prices are often more complex than that, and they're mostly not fixed yet when people start building their CfP.

@rixx @Balu Is it possible to run a scheme that depends on ticket prices and number of attendees where the conf pays after the event?

@SevenOfNein @Balu @Balu It's not really practical – currently, you can only open your CfP to the public once you have paid (or at least gotten an invoice). Paying after the event would add a lot of maintenance/bookkeeping burden on my side.

@rixx @Balu had an idea about speakers: you could ask whether all speakers are not payed or selecting a subset of those who are; the ones that aren’t get a ‘volunteer’ badge or so in the speaker list/profile

@bongo @Balu While this may be a nice feature for organizers and can go on the ever-growing issue list for pretalx, it doesn't really touch on my problem :\

@rixx What I meant was that if you decide for building a 'licensing' model based on a decision tree/wizard (non/for profit; number of employees, annual revenue (coarse), #attendees expected, average ticket price calc'ed with (30/100/200/500)...), then you could communicate the license chosen in a way visible for the attendees; This way a big company would probably shame for showing their attendees a 'small company' license badge somewhere in the fahrplan or so

@bongo Ahhh, I see, that makes sense! I'm not sure I'll see a way of showing this in a good way (and complex sign-ups can be problematic), but it's a cool thought and ties in with something I started playing around with yesterday. Thank you for clarifying :)

@Kiki This is an information that is usually only available once the event starts ;)

@rixx not sure. The speaker/keynote budget is part of initial cost calculation, but it would require disclosure and/or honesty in communication which is something that I cannot judge from my position.

@Kiki Yes, but requesting quotes for software prices is also initial cost calculation. Also, my conferences (as many community conferences) typically have no paid speakers, only support for travel. What to do with those? And a budget is not the same as paid money – you might have an emergency budget for a speaker requesting payment. etc

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