"Memento mori", or "Remember that you will die", is a pretty old meme. It was periodically popular: in antiquity with the Stoics, and then during most of Medieval through Victorian European culture. It was often associated with an hourglass.

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Of course, hourglasses like this have gone out of fashion in more modern interfaces.

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Sort of - it originally used a watch, which is similar to an hourglass...

@DHeadshot I *was* a bit wary about mentioning that Apple never used an hourglass, because I was sure somebody would jump in and explain to me what was originally used and so on, but then I thought: nah, this is the Fediverse, I'm sure people will assume that I did my research.

I wonder whether any of their systems used an hourglass? Lisa, 2GS, etc.

@rixx I used to replace cursor with hourglass with just regular cursor in hopes that it would make my computer feel faster 😂

@rixx But these are not the same if you look closer (which I find interesting). The stoics remind themselves of the impermanence of all things physical non-physical by imagining worst-case scenarios that made day-to-day problems appear smaller in comparison.

Baroque Vanitas-memento mori is more of a call for humility.

@rixx so Stoics strive for tranquility, which is different from humility in the sense that you can be humble and tranquil, or humble and in emotional upheaval. if you are tranquil you probably have a sense of humility though.

@holger That's a really useful distinction that I hadn't heard before. Thank you!

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