Good to see that nginx 1.17 is slated to include HTTP/3 support. Firefox supports the current Draft (because we have a Draft version, yay) since November, so this is promising, all things considered. Good work by all involved – some of the working group discussion minutes read intense.

If you want to read up on HTTP/3, I'd recommend the short booklet by Daniel Stenberg (the curl developer):

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@rixx I didn't realize we were up to v3 already. v2 still feels like yesterday

@rixx Wait, we're doing HTTP 3 now?!
It took us like 10 years from 1.0 to 1.1, 20 years to /2, and now we're starting /3 basically on the next business day?

@henryk Yup, both intentionally and by way of lessions learned in the adoption and creation of HTTP/2. The booklet is pretty nice and also describes politics and resoning leading to this point.

@rixx *cue joke about waiting for HTTP/3.11 for Workgroups*

@henryk @rixx yeah HTTP/2 turned out so bad that it was never fully adopted

@rixx are there actually websites using (or better, offering) HTTP/3 already? I just realized my Firefox has HTTP/3 already implemented \o/

@Joker Since HTTP/3 was originally a Google thing, those are the best bet, but I don't know if they switched to a standards-compliant version yet.

@rixx @Joker The usual suspects… Google, Cloudflare and likely a few other larger CDN providers.
Most widely used clients are already on the bandwagon with Apple being the usual exception lagging behind everything.
Of course you can already test stuff with curl(1) --http3

@MacLemon @rixx I just checked Google and they are not (at least not for me here in this network, and not for But yes, Facebook and Cloudflare seem to use HTTP/3 on some sites. I use this zsh function for my local test:

I thought at least Google would use it, since they were heavily included in the development of QUIC 🤷

@Joker @MacLemon @rixx They don't yet as their QUIC implementation uses custom crypto and the IETF version uses TLS 1.3 - I guess they'll get onboard once the first version is ready.

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