Ran `tootctl accounts cull`, which is responsible for removing deleted or unavailable users on other instances from our database. It ran for a full day, made the progress bar overflow, and removed nearly 10k accounts from nearly 200k.

Fun fact, during this run, it tried to contact 1360 fediverse instances which were at one point known to us, but now unavailable. RIP those instances.

@rixx I wonder what that does with accounts of instances that are temporarily unavailable. Does it skip instances that got seen in the last N days?

@marix Yes, instances have to be offline for at least 14 days for this to delete an entire instance.

@rixx Oh, that's news to me? At least in earlier versions, accounts cull ignored unreachable instances (other than listing them at the end of the run), and you'd have to delete them manually later on.

The only real indicator that Mastodon had given up on reaching an instance used to be the unavailable_inboxes set in redis (though that's only instances that Mastodon actively tried to connect to instead of just happening to know about them one way or another).

@galaxis Oh damn, I was misremembering. Well that is annoying, we'd need an `instance cull` for that. Boo! (Thank you for correcting me!)

@rixx I ran that once and it deleted @Gargron (but I think that bug has been fixed for a while now)

@rixx Very good hint! Thanks! 👍

(Damn, there is a shitton of broken instances out there…)

@rixx I last ran this like a year ago and it took forever and put a strain on the server. Now that I've updated it I wonder if I should try it again

@david It takes forever if you have a lot of instances that don't exist anymore (which you'll typically have). I'm currently working on instance cleanup.

@rixx at least 3 of those instances were run by me, for testing purposes :)

@rixx How many instances in total have you contacted, how many instances are known/contacted by users on this instance?

@nicoduck That's exactly the same thing. The instance gets into contact with other instances through user interaction. You can see the total amount of known domains here:, and a list of the actual domains is available here:

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