If you are complaining about me using as my workstation OS and can't get your setup to work with an external monitor but I can… joke's pretty much on you…

Honestly, use what does the job for you best, but stop complaining about other people's setup when it works for them and does not keep them from doing the actual work.

@raichoo I was *just* having this conversation, looked up at my laptop and saw this post cross my timeline.

@phessler @raichoo Remember: You have always the option of letting the other person talk until they are tired, then letting the silence go on, and then tell them: "That is an opinion one could have, I suppose.", in maximum British butler mode. (The "kill them with politeness" version is "Thank you for sharing your opinion")

@rixx @phessler @raichoo @pamela
As long as you dont go all the "we shall fight them on the beaches" British way just because an external monitor is not working...


@benno @phessler @raichoo @pamela

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears!
I come to bury Linux, not to praise it.
The evil systems do lives after them;
The good is often interred in retro fandoms;
So let it be with Linux. The noble Windows
Hath told you Linux was amateurish.
If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And rantingly hath Linus answer'd it.

@benno @phessler @raichoo @pamela

Here, under leave of Microsoft's GitHub–
For Microsoft intends no harm;
For all, all the corps intend no harm–
Come I to speak at Linux's funeral.
It was my friend, hacky and obscure to me:
But Windows said it was amateurish;
And Microsoft intends not harm

etc etc

@rixx @benno @phessler @pamela Wow, you go offline for an evening and a pleasant discussion like that pops up the other morning :D What a great way to start the day :D Thanks!

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