Hey Fediverse! Do you use git (or Mercurial or Darcs)? Etherpad? Homebrew? Inkscape? quemu? Wine? Maybe even coreboot?

These are just a few of the projects for which the Conservancy project provides administrative support. The projects rely on Conservancy, and you rely on the projects.

Support the org that supports the tools you can’t do without. They are trying to raise money, and have donation matching for the next ~15k to be raised for two more days:

@rixx Is there a brief, specific page of income and payout, with specifics about projects, and everything the organisation have done in all these years? (Especially about 2019.)
Their webpage is dangerously non-specific and generalised, and extremely verbose (or marketingspeech rich).

@grin Why ask me and not them? As you can see from the website, @conservancy is a part of the fediverse.

@rixx @grin @conservancy Our work is descibed here, and if you want more numbers, you can find all our public tax filings (eg payouts and where the money goes) here, hope that helps!

@conservancy @rixx Thank you. One question: why Selenium is at the top top?

@rixx It'd be cool if they took Bitcoin donations.

@stevenroose It won't change anything to tell me – but you might consider telling them at @conservancy

@rixx @stevenroose We've been asked before and will do it for a large amount, but for small amounts? Unfortunately, the process and fees make it not workable for our small org.

@conservancy @rixx Curious.. #Bitcoin transaction fees are about 2 cent per transaction. I understand you need to have a foundation member that understands how to deal with them, though.

@stevenroose Please believe people when they tell you that bitcoin is too expensive for them, because they are telling the truth. The cost is not just the plain transaction cost: It's the setup costs (evaluating providers, pinning one down, reviewing contracts, setting up proper backups etc), the conversion to non-bitcoin currency, the added bookkeeping costs both for the total income and keeping up with legislative changes … Believe me, organisationally it's a lot.

@rixx @conservancy Many things you mention are one-time costs. Like getting the know-how of working with Bitcoin technologically and fiscally.

Of course it depends on volume, but I can hardly imagine they weigh up to the fees they must pay for their default payment method: PayPal (which almost always includes VISA or MasterCard).

If I want to make a 100 euro donation, I don't want to be making a 5 euro donation to PayPal, my CC company and my bank at the same time.

@stevenroose Yes, well – if you've had good experiences in your organisations with this kind of approach, go you – in my experience with organisations that do significant money handling, it doesn't work that way.

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