Did you know there is an info command, that often gives you way more in-depth information than simple man pages? It's super good:

- obscure so you can feel good about using it
- doesn't use regular pager so you have to learn how to use it every time
- intuitive interface (pictured)

In all seriousness, though: Did you know you can add syntax highlighting to your man pages? It makes them much easier to read, at least for me, because the colour highlights commands and flags and sections. This is how you'd do it with less as pager and zsh as shell, but you can do it with all shells and all pagers worth bothering.

@rixx I've been using it for a few months and I love it

@wasamasa @rixx Gah, on my work system where I run mintty/bash on Windows 10, man doesn't apply colours so if I set all these environment variables all I get is a colored status bar at the bottom. :(

@kensanata @rixx Windows is pain, nothing new here. Meanwhile I've discovered the true awfulness of JScript, its standards compliance is that low it doesn't support string subscription syntax, only the equivalent charAt function.

@rixx I got it but don't remember enabling it, not sure why...

Usually use a little script, and then open the file with javascript.
man -Hcat $@ > $FILE
A (entirely needless) disadvantage is that `-` is replaced with `−` botching copy-pasting...

@rixx there is a usable variant called pinfo (iirc) though.

@fnord Ohh, TIL, thank you! This is much better (though I still prefer a pager, this makes navigation much less painful).

@rixx info is the totally helpful utility I first used in 1996 and last in 1997...

@rixx Luckily, info pages are a disease that is limited to GNU software, as is the disease of having a man page that only says “read the info page”.

@js Calling things like these a "disease" is overly dramatic and somewhat harmful, though, as it lessens the impact of this kind of language when it is actually called for – and it doesn't even clarify the problem, it just aims at polemic statements.

@rixx Didn’t find a better word for “Krankheit”. Didn’t mean “Seuche”.

@rixx Ok. I thought the problem was clear with having man pages that just say “Read the info page”, only to figure out GNU info is not even installed and even if it were, the info pages were also not installed. GCC was notoriously bad here. This improved a lot, luckily, to the point where it has good man pages now :)

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