Doctor Who, -, E03 

OMFG was this episode utter bullshit. Every bit. I was expecting a bad episode and it was SO MUCH WORSE. Among the offenders:

Incredibly stupid plot
What is this pacing
Hello Angry Young Black Woman stereotype.
Doctor is in favour of shooting and killing.
Doctor is also a Vulcan.
This plot is so stupid.
What's with the old people shown to be utterly stupid.
Hamfisted political bullshit in there, too.
And every piece of writing was like bad Doctor Who fanfiction.

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Doctor Who, -, E03, yelling 

Also the ending "how are they going to be okay on a desolate planet" YOU LITERALLY ARE IN A SPACESHIP HOW ABOUT YOU SAVE THEM.

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Doctor Who, -, E03 

@rixx You will have to tread much random fanfiction to find one that bad...

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