So a friend just released the best thing: randomly generated queer Nordic valknuts. Make your own, Norse fans!

Here's a blog post detailing the fun leading up to it, including triangular coordinate systems in SVG (because the author is the best kind of nerd):

@rixx I like the graphic just not the quote as it indirectly brings the implication that all who arent using the rainbow version are bigots. Just my 2 cents.

@Kzad_Bhat Huh? The same quote is there no matter which combination of colours you generate.

@rixx a suggestion to make the whole thing a bit more eloquently elegant: cut the "your" out of the text, then it stops being directly accusatory and becomes a statement. I as a wearer or user of this graphic shouldn't assume the reader IS a bigot. (if they prove themselves to be then screw them.. I won't waste my time on them.)

@Kzad_Bhat I'm not quite sure what to do with this suggestion except for muting the thread. *plonk*

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