So apparently, baby cages were a thing – anybody know if they existed in Europe, too?

@pinkprius You were hung outside the window in a cage in your childhood? Wow, I wouldn't have thought this would have been accepted this late on (or you're way older than I would have thought, because another source lists them as having disappeared due to WW2).

@rixx nah I translated the german word "Laufstall" (play pen) which I was reminded of when I saw this cage for kids - a Laufstall is a cage for kids as well :)

@pinkprius Yes, except that it's not suspended outside the building hanging in questionable suspension.

@rixx sorry I didnt't want to make it seem that I was treated that way...

@pinkprius @rixx Yeah, I was think of that too, and prison bar baby cots. But these cages hanging precariously out the window are on a different level.

@bkastl Woop, thanks! Great read – this was the first time I heard of it, fascinating stuff.

@rixx first time i hear of it and i have questions.
mostly one question.
where can i get one for the cat? :D

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