@rixx now if there only was a way to not throw away my trousers every night...

@rixx "Here's an overly complicated vastly more expensive version of an already existing economic solution" should be pre-filled in the kickstarter submission form for setting up a campaign

@lastfuture Drinking out of bottles is annoying, so we invented a bottle where you can take off the *entire* top part, for a more pleasant drinking and mixing experience!

@lastfuture what is the already existing solution to store hankerchiefs while seperating the clean ones from the snotty ones?


@sofia @rixx small soap / tobacco / pill boxes made of metal cost a couple of euros. Or reuse a mint tin or a tictac box

@lastfuture okay. ever seen anyone do that? and it's still not as convenient as this product. it *is* overpriced tho..


@sofia @rixx I don't think "I've never seen anyone do that" is a justification for buying a much more expensive option that I've also never seen anyone use

@lastfuture i'm not really arguing for buying this, it just seems like a sensible product that meets quite a bit of demand.

something about the words "kickstarter" or "startup" seemed to have switched off quite a few brains.


@sofia @rixx I love and regularly back clever crowdfunding projects but just "reinventing" something for the sake of it when an existing alternative is not very different really rubs me the wrong way.

@lastfuture when basically nobody uses the existing alternative, then it seems pretty reasonable to "reinvent" it. i think it's kinda clever, certainly better then a pair of tictac boxes.

@nursemchurt suggested a silicone coin purse which seems like a pretty good idea. gotta look of for ones with two compartments..


@rixx The premium ones will get personalised patterns embroidered around the edges...

@david @rixx I'm gonna guess it's silicon, because it's easier to wash than rigid plastic, it can break so that's $$$ for them down the line, but mostly because the venn diagram of "techbro" and "doesn't know how to use a washing machine" is close to a perfect circle

"doesn't know how to use a washing machine"

i wonder how you think these are supposed to be used.. 🤔

@rixx Oh god, and they're in Copenhagen too


but THAT hankie comes with a super fancy 3D printed carrying case!


I do have one of that company's silicone swab sets, having now used the for the past six weeks, and no longer buying disposable cotton swabs.

As a textile person, I'm not going for this. I already possess washable/reusable cloth handkerchiefs.

@rixx there's an actual reason why we stopped using these...

@efi @rixx Which one? Are they less hygienic than throw-away-tissues?

@njan @rixx say you're sick and you sneeze on your reusable tissue
how long before you can wash it? how well can you wash it? isn't it easier to just throw away your contagious biohazard in a bin so nobody has to deal with it?

@efi @njan @rixx this i get, and is the one aspect of this thing that i like (since it's a sterilizable container for holding multiple fresh and multiple used handkerchiefs)

@rixx OK but I unironically want the silicone hankerchief holder with the separate pocket for snotty hankerchiefs. It looks a lot more sanitary than just shoving snoot folded inside a hankerchiefs back in my pocket. And when I have a cold I'm going to want to travel with more than one hankercheif.

I have to give them credit for that part. Unless silicone hanky holders already exist in which case where so I can buy one?

@bunnyjane Not sure why they need to be silicone, but if you want a small silicone bag: those exist. I typically have a small fabric one with me, which I like more, it's cheaper to make, and easy to wash.

@rixx I looked at their Kickstarter, and on there they make it clear that the handkerchief box is their actual product. They're not claiming to have invented the handkerchief.

I'm going to see if I can find a similar silicone box already for sale (or make one at home). Turns out there isn't much of a barrier between clean and dirty in their special hanky holder anyway.

The reason for silicone over cloth is that cloth is porous and silicone isn't. Germs go right through cloth.

@bunnyjane @rixx I've seen some cute silicone coin purses before. I'm honestly going to look into getting one that fits a couple of handkerchiefs

@rixx I wonder how the production and disposal of paper tissues compares to the production and washing of these.

Reusable is not necessarily better for the environment.

@rixx Oh no, the Jatravartids were right all along! The Coming of the Great White Handkerchief is upon us!

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