Which relationship model suites you best? If possible, please select one of the following models. If none of the options is suitable for you, please leave a comment.

It is not important whether you live the relationship model at the moment or not.

@leah option for "aaaah I have no idea" but I voted according to what I've mostly done so far in life!

@iguana @leah I fall solidly into this category too really. 🤷‍♀️ Don't know till you've tried them all! I think most people haven't tried all options.

@s @iguana I haven't tried all options in the chart, but I've tried all in @leah's survey! Nearly all of them were good fits at the time, too :)

@rixx @leah @s I'm not sure what my two non-monogamous rels counted as, but both ended disastrously mostly due to my jealousy, which I guess was either low self-esteem issues at the time, or because I'm actually monoamorous. At any rate, I'd hope I'm slightly more emotionally mature than I was ~15 years ago and would handle it better now.

@iguana @s Hard relate, that's a thing. I've flopped back and forth a bit between being monogamous vs not (started out that way by default, was unhappy, tried it again for a partner).

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