Tomorrow, 3 million Let's Encrypt certificates will be revoked, so you should probably check that yours are not among them:

@rixx If you have a list of hostnames to check in a file names hostnames.txt you can check them all with this handy shell-one-liner. (sh, zsh, bash)

while read name ; do curl -s -XPOST -d "fqdn=$name" ; done < hostnames.txt

Happy checking!

@MacLemon @rixx Sadly, this check only works if your HTTP server is accessible from the internet. Otherwise, you just learn that your certificate will be revoked from reading the email which came pretty late.

@ytvwld @MacLemon @rixx

this one should work if your server is accessable from the machine where you are running this

@ytvwld @MacLemon @rixx This check site also works only for web servers that listen with that cert on that address. If I enter my mail servers cert, it gives a missmatch.

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