How even do USB keyboards work?

> Keyboard layout: de
> Plug in USB keyboard
> USB keyboard layout en_US
> Laptop keyboard still de
> setxkbmap
> Laptop keyboard now also en_US
> setxkbmap de
> Both keyboards de

I plugged a ThinkPad keyboard into a ThinkPad and it hurt itself in its confusion!

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To be fair: This external ThinkPad keyboard is centuries old, comes with a ThinkVantage button, and yet its function keys for things like brightness and volume still work flawlessly. Much approved.

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I suppose this is where I ask for recommendations on USB-C docks. Just a couple of USB ports, HDMI, and power would be sufficient, no need for EUR100 monsters with 12 ports …

@adnidor Neat, noted! Can I draw power over it, too? (Only have one functioning C port atm)

@adnidor Woop, that's a relief. I managed to kill my second C port last year, and have been charging via the second one ever since.

@rixx @adnidor I use one that looks the same, just with a "renkforce" branding. Works well with the added bonus of just plugging one cable for everything.

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