By the way, who mandated that tech needs to look boring? Looking for USB-C hubs/docks, and they are

- gray
- black
- different gray
- yet another gray
- "silver"

Can I have a silly 80s design in loud colours an with a bit of fun mixed in? Jeez.

Abolish useles "always-on" status LEDs, and instead offer fucking colours, thank.

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This brought to you by the honestly countless things in my room that have taped-over status LEDs. Routers. Wifi-repeater. USB chargers. Speakers. Multi sockets. Anything that is lit-up by default.

Special hell for things that show a status light WHEN THEY ARE TURNED OFF.

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@rixx as a child I hated this in particular in foreign sleep places like hotels and apartments where TVs, AC and stuff were around suddenly

@bongo @rixx I still hate this. I travel with mounting putty (aka blue-tack) to block them

The worst are the ones they decided need to show "we have power" by FLASHING BRIGHTLY at intervals. Fire systems are notorious for this. Because a flashing bright light above the bed sure helps with sleep, which is the main reason to rent a hotel room.

@rixx my computer screen at home has a bright blue LED when it is on and a FUCKING BLINKING BLUE LED WHEN IT IS NOT IN USE

@rixx well, thats exactly why Airbus develeoped the so called "dark cockpit philosophy": if everything is working well, all lights are off :o)

@GaySkaterCaster Oh, I didn't know there was a word for it. Now it only needs to make its way to consumer tech …

@rixx yep. The B-company calls it "lights off philosophy" if I remember well. Anyway, Aibus introduced it in the 80s with the A320. Probably it will reach the consumer tech in the next 80s 😜

@rixx iirc, there were a handful of colours available for those when I was in Japan last year.

@phessler And yet it appears you didn't bring any for me. :bread_displeased:

@rixx in my defense, that was in December during an Emergency Vacation.

@phessler @rixx he did bring me some pretty things so he didn't waste his time entirely 🤔

@rixx @pmosetc i also brought back some sake. My luggage got pretty full.

@rixx Companies like to maximize profit, and you know what they say about the "little black dress that fits with everything". So, naturally, accessories tend to be released in neutral colors so they can fit anything without the colors clashing much.

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