By the way, who mandated that tech needs to look boring? Looking for USB-C hubs/docks, and they are

- gray
- black
- different gray
- yet another gray
- "silver"

Can I have a silly 80s design in loud colours an with a bit of fun mixed in? Jeez.

Abolish useles "always-on" status LEDs, and instead offer fucking colours, thank.

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This brought to you by the honestly countless things in my room that have taped-over status LEDs. Routers. Wifi-repeater. USB chargers. Speakers. Multi sockets. Anything that is lit-up by default.

Special hell for things that show a status light WHEN THEY ARE TURNED OFF.

@rixx as a child I hated this in particular in foreign sleep places like hotels and apartments where TVs, AC and stuff were around suddenly

@bongo @rixx I still hate this. I travel with mounting putty (aka blue-tack) to block them

The worst are the ones they decided need to show "we have power" by FLASHING BRIGHTLY at intervals. Fire systems are notorious for this. Because a flashing bright light above the bed sure helps with sleep, which is the main reason to rent a hotel room.

@rixx my computer screen at home has a bright blue LED when it is on and a FUCKING BLINKING BLUE LED WHEN IT IS NOT IN USE

@rixx well, thats exactly why Airbus develeoped the so called "dark cockpit philosophy": if everything is working well, all lights are off :o)

@GaySkaterCaster Oh, I didn't know there was a word for it. Now it only needs to make its way to consumer tech …

@rixx yep. The B-company calls it "lights off philosophy" if I remember well. Anyway, Aibus introduced it in the 80s with the A320. Probably it will reach the consumer tech in the next 80s 😜

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