Huh. Plugging in the ThinkPad keyboard makes the ThinkNipple work with my standard sensitivity settings, but reduces sensitivity on my laptop keyboard. Does anybody have any udev rules handy for stuff like that?


Interesting how my laptop trackpoint needs acceleration=1 and my USB keyboard needs acceleration=0 for the same effect.

@rixx sorry, I cannot help you, but I'm also slightly annoyed that every time I expand the screen to another monitor, the velocity of the mouse pointer increses in that direction… maybe that is related ^^

@daniel_bohrer I found a solution for my problem, but never mind that - yours is hilarious! Wow. So you always add two monitors? You adjust on the fly? Inquiring minds need to know!

@rixx no, I leave it as-is, since I don't often used two monitors, and also I adjust quickly to the new velocity... :) But the first few seconds are always confusing.

@rixx I could imagine they're sending events at different bitrates or have different hardware sensitivities due to their age difference or more "pressure points" that scale differently (different revisions of the trackpoint?)

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