If you think you're not a creative person: Here is the list of the names of the kings in/of Prussia:

Friedrich I.
Friedrich Wilhelm I.
Friedrich II.
Friedrich Wilhelm II.
Friedrich Wilhelm III.
Friedrich Wilhelm IV
Wilhelm I
Friedrich III
Wilhelm II

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Nothing compares with being called "Friedrich Wilhelm" and going for "Friedrich Wilhelm 1" instead of "Friedrich 2" though.

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Whereas "Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert" became Wilhelm 2, so people will sometimes refer to him as Friedrich Wilhelm.

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Then there was 1888, the Year of the Three Emperors (Dreikaiserjahr) with Wilhelm 1, Friedrich 3, and Wilhelm 2.

Should've just gone with one Friedrich Wilhelm and nobody would've noticed.

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If that's still too much wild chaotic creativity for you, you should check out the House of Reuss.

They were called Heinrich.

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They bear wonderful names such as "Prince Heinrich LXXIV" (1798-1886), or Prince Heinrich I Reuss of Köstritz, son of Prince Heinrich XXXIV Reuss of Köstritz. Still going – all male children are called Heinrich and numbered (so siblings don't have consecutive numbers, usually).

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@rixx vgl. die Fürsten zu Reuß, ältere und jüngere Linie. Alle hießen Heinrich.

@ajuvo Aber das ist schon wieder gut, das ist ja französischer Stil. Scheiß auf den Namen, merk dir ne Nummer, gut is.

@rixx die waren auch am Ende bei nr. 26 oder so

@ajuvo Prince Heinrich LXIII of Reuss-Köstritz (1786-1841)

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