Stupid lockdown achievement: Finally finished Superhexagon.

What's yours?

@rixx endlich mal aus im Grunde fertigen Songs auf meiner Platte eine EP gebaut und auf Bandcamp als neuen Release eingestellt

@rixx oh, da könnte ich auch mal wieder einen Anlauf machen

@tauli Ich hab vor Jahren 5/6 geholt, und jetzt viiiiele Stunden (bin echt kein Zocker) in das letzte versenkt.

@rixx spending way too much time in American and Euro Truck Simulator as it's the only way to not completely fall behind on my podcast backlog.

@rixx I started to build a wall of empty cans as long as I cannot return them.

The problem is that it starts becoming a piece of art on its own 👩‍🎨

beware of ants, had a (unwashed) Coke Can collection as kid

@otherpaco @bkastl in case, I have some leftover baking powder I could send you.

@daniel_bohrer @otherpaco well, I've cleaned thoroughly, And I live in first floor so the chance is probably low. But the hint with baking powder is a good one just in case ;)

@sirodoht Took me literally forever to beat it, but I did have a lot of fun in the process.

@larsan Ohne Ton gespielt, kein "again"-Trauma

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