I've accumulated a long-ish quotes.txt with interesting/relevant/funny quotes, mostly from books I've read. What would be a good way of sharing those? Daily posting twitter bot? A page on 🤔

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Twitter bot would also be a fedi bot, of course, don't worry.

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@rixx I would have assumed that this needn't be explained on the fediverse

@rixx why are you here if you don't understand why twitter = bad

@sir Because I like the Fediverse. Because I run a nice instance with good friends that feels like home. Didn't know that you need to hate Twitter to participate on fedi

@rixx you don't, but I would hope that fedi users understand the social value of the fedi in a way that draws attention to the social negative value of twitter

@sir Yeah, parts of Twitter are pretty terrible. Other parts are pretty neat.

Interesting how the same goes for the Fediverse. We had to defederate some pretty terrible shit.

Federation is nice, and I dig it, but it comes with its own challenges. Currently, any social media integration I build has both fedi and Twitter interfaces, and it's so little additional effort that I don't really see a reason not to do it.

@rixx you're missing the forest for the trees. Yes, both platforms have bad actors. But, one is *a* platform, and one is a *federation*. The distributed governance is a major, important difference, and has profound social consequences.

@sir I agree that it is a fundamental difference, but in my practical day-to-day life, the difference is not relevant – I have friends and good interactions on both platforms, and I'm not going to abandon one as long as providing content for both is doable with reasonable effort.

(And interestingly enough, I have way better interactions on Twitter when I mention the Fediverse than on the Fediverse when I mention Twitter.)

@rixx @sir I agree with both of you actually. I have learnt not to judge others for their choices of tools. There is no end to it.

Also in my perspective it is OK if someone simply reads tweets - you are an end user, like someone who streams movies from the internet. But once you start posting on such platforms you are giving others reason to stay in that platform and become part of the problem. Once again it is a personal opinion, and at the end of the day it is an individual's responsiblity.

@ashwinvis @rixx I am become above morals, by deciding to ignore them

@rixx I would like to see them on a webpage. Or on a Geminipage

@rixx A bot for this would be nice, ideally combined with a full list somewhere

@adnidor I currently have the full list as a Patreon perk (because I literally could not think of anything else), but a bot sounds nice.

Both sounds good to me, but a bot would probably let the fun last longer.

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