Turns out, showing tags on the book shelf is too noisy (the stars are going to stay, though!)

@rixx are these representative of the actual spine colors and dimensions?

@lastfuture Yes to the dimensions as far as they are known – for all with unknown dimensions, the width is a reflection of the page count. The spine colour does not reflect the actual spines (because they are boring and stupid, more often than not), but a dominant colour of the cover. I'v written a bit more here:

@lastfuture Thank you! All code on GitHub and I may to a writeup at some point.

@rixx since you also have their depth (how wide their cover is) maybe you can determine a shelf depth and make some of the particularly deep books stick out a bit by simulating shading on the adjacent books with gradients

@lastfuture Depth is actually the data point that is least often filled out, so I would be really guessing. I experimented with shading a bit, but it turned out I prefer the flat and non-realistic look for now. Less visual clutter (which is why I left off category tags, too)

@rixx fair enough. I would probably like some subtle shading if I used it but also only if the data was somewhat reliable

Since this looks quite similar:

That's my lazy way to copy my bookshelf via a bibtex database ;-)

@TeXhackse Heh, neat! Of course, in Tex you are not bound to my resizability requirements, so hand-drawn shelves are reasonable. I like it!

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