I suddenly find myself with a gaming PC, so now I'm trying to remember all the games I ignored because I always used old PCs or because they don't run on Linux.

Sooo, recommend me your favourites? I like open world exploratory games, and atmospheric games like Hollow Knight.

I'm more than happy to try out new things! Probably not triple-A shooters or strategy games, but everything else is fair game, heh.

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I worded this poorly: I *used* to be restricted to Linux, the new PC will run Windows.

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@rixx I recently discovered
It's a 2D multiplayer shooter / jump and run game and it's open source. It even runs on linux, can definitely recommend it :)

@rixx If you are on Windows, get a Xbox game pass. It’s ridiculously cheap and you get a good selection of games.

@falk Thanks! I'm not really looking for a huge selection right now.

@rixx No, but for 4€ per month it’s cheaper than buying all the games you want to try ;)

@falk That would be correct if I was looking to try a large number of games right now. As I said, that is not what I am doing.

@rixx if you like RPGs, Disco Elysium seems to be crazy good (but also crazy). my first char used to talk to everybody about the communist world revolution until he somehow lost his mind because he lost himself in conspiracy theories (and I didn't even make it more than 2 hours or so into the game). 😎

@rixx If you have multiplayer stuff feel free to ping me

@Zianor Will do! I don't tend to do multiplayer because I find it stressful, but I might reconsider in the future.

@rixx Factorio - if you have too much time on your hands

@qch3n Factorio is super aversive to me, as is the entire class of games.

@rixx I haven't played it myself yet but I hear really good things about No Man's Sky. it wasn't great at release but I guess it's gotten a few big updates and is rated pretty highly now

@rixx No Man’s Sky kinda hits both of those notes I’d say


Alien: Isolation: phenomenal tense, first-person exploration/stealth game set in the Alien universe :tux:

If you're ok with Steamplay or Windows:

Prey (2016): fantastic first-person scifi RPG - teeeeechnically a AAA shooter, but the appeal of the game is unfolding the story, and you're anywhere from allowed to strongly encouraged to employ stealth / the environment / running away in basically all combat situations

If you're ok with Windows:

The Outer Worlds: wonderfully written first-person scifi RPG from Obsidian

@rixx Two games that sucked me in: Thimbleweed Park, and Legend of Grimrock II. Both are available DRM-free on GOG, and both run on Linux, but Grimrock needs Wine.

TP is a classic point-and-click adventure game, made by veterans of the genre.

LoG is a dungeon crawler with tile-based movement.

@rixx This might be a bit of a weird one, but I *love* exploring the levels in Hitman 2?

There's sooo much there that you can spend literal hours doing the same mission.

@rixx Maybe checkout Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies.

@dwardoric You're not the first one to rec it, thanks!

outer wilds
Return of the Obra Dinn, but I don't think that requires a powerful pc

@rixx I'd recommend Transistor by Supergiant Games. Beautiful graphics, beautiful soundtrack, and very fun combination of real-time and turn-based combat.

@Error I have Transistor, but I tend to find turn-based combat pretty offputting. Maybe I'll try again, we'll see.

@rixx satisfactory. basically automation-modded minecraft alpha on unreal engine.

@himselforama Thanks! Minecraft is something I don't enjoy at all, so I might have to give that one a pass.

@rixx besides that, not the genres you mentioned but highly recommendable: games by zachtronics like exapunks or opus magnum. it's pseudo-programmers/puzzle games, very well made.

@himselforama Once I saw Elen reading Trash World, the EXAPUNKS zine. I thought to give the game a try. It sucked me in for 60 hours.

@rixx Maybe take a look at factorio. It also available for download without DRM from their Website if I recall correctly.

@frommMoritz Haha, thanks! Factorio is very much in a class of games that I don't enjoy.


Night in the Woods
Cute Animals wrestle with mental health, toxic nostalgia and the economic downturn of their town. Also ghosts?

Kentucky Route 0
A magical realist game exploring among others the state of US social security, the history of computer games and the quest of a delivery driver to make one last drop-off.

Nier Automata
Scantly clad androids in fun fight with big robots, their internalized believes in the supremacy of humans they never met and the personhood of machines.

@rixx X4 could be an option, it's an open world space arcade shooter with a focus of building your own empire through trade and mining - if you want to. though it's pretty much a game where you have to set your own goals

@rixx I recommend the indie game Dujanah by Jack King Spooner. It's an incredible and moving experience.

@rixx If you like open world and atmospheric games I recomment "the Witcher 3" … you don't need to play the previous games because the story mostly stands on its own feet. Btw the whole Witcher franchise is based on book series by a polish author ;)

@rixx I like all of the newer tomb raider games as well as XCOM 2 add-on. First is first person adventure with puzzles and shooting, second is turn based strategy humans against aliens.

I love

It's a dystopian 2D point and click adventure with some of craziest interactions and an adorable asshole protagonist.

@rixx Ig you like HK, Dead Cells is similar, although it is rogue lite and pixelgraphics, really nice, awesome music too, tons of content.

If you want to see what that machine can do:
Alien:Isolation, Metro series (not just Exodus since that's the only open world-ish), Elite: Dangerous.

Steam has big sale right now, plenty of games to choose from.


The Witcher 3.

Huge open world with a fantastic story. Also has an amazing atmosphere around every npc and side quest. Every piece of the world feels alive and like it belongs

@rixx It's not a recent game, but if you haven't played Braid before, i think you should check it out. Looks like a Jump'n'Run at first glance, but it's actually a puzzle game that explores game mechanics and puzzle design focusing on the concept of time manipulation. There's also very little platforming skill involved, since you just can rewind arbitrarily.

@tauli I heard of it, thanks! Tbh, Puzzle games often make me more frustrated than I want to deal with in my free time. Exceptions for highly atmospheric stuff like Fez, I suppose.

@rixx I pretty much enjoyed "Watchdogs 2".

"The Witcher 3" was already mentioned, and you may give "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" a try; despite the name, it's more like the Witcher.

@rixx Or try Fallout 4. Definitely exploratory, but many quests involve a lot of shooting.

Or "Life is strange". More adventure-like, but a good story involving time travel.

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