I suddenly find myself with a gaming PC, so now I'm trying to remember all the games I ignored because I always used old PCs or because they don't run on Linux.

Sooo, recommend me your favourites? I like open world exploratory games, and atmospheric games like Hollow Knight.

I'm more than happy to try out new things! Probably not triple-A shooters or strategy games, but everything else is fair game, heh.

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I worded this poorly: I *used* to be restricted to Linux, the new PC will run Windows.

@rixx if you like RPGs, Disco Elysium seems to be crazy good (but also crazy). my first char used to talk to everybody about the communist world revolution until he somehow lost his mind because he lost himself in conspiracy theories (and I didn't even make it more than 2 hours or so into the game). 😎

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