New PC saga continues: it boots, it runs, it's fast and pretty! It's also very loud, so apparently I get to change the CPU fan/cooler on Friday. Joy.

Also: This is the first time I built a PC, so: WTF is it with the lack of documentation / manuals? The mainboard and CPU and video card manuals were beyond useless for putting the thing together, and without the help of @rash I'd have been hopelessly lost.

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Sure, some parts are obvious, and even I know how to install the memory, but other parts are less intuitive or just more dicey, and the instructions had a granularity of "Put in memory, CPU, video card, then connect everything, congrats, you're done!"

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@rixx The most infuriating thing is, they (Gigabyte) didn't even bother with a separate manual for the CPU socket. It's just "For Intel:"/"For AMD" and "Type A"/"Type B", so you're just staring at the pictograms and guessing. They did not even MENTION the CPU socket alignment corner triangle thingy! I just got out the manual of my (admittedly twice as expensive) Asus mainboard, and it has over 20 pages installation instruction with a boatton of text and illustrations, specific to the product.


@rash I have inspected the Asus mainboard manual and it is indeed really fucking cool and the thing I would've wanted, so this is maybe just because I'm a cheapskate.

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