Follow will shut down in less than 10 days. I'll spend the weekend grieving and frantically trying to download more archives.

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If you're looking for an exporter for your own soup, this is a good one: (via @JackMcCrack)

@rixx … I guess it's a sign that even the link ends in an HTTP 503 error 😞

@rixx I no longer have the password to my soup, but in case somebody reads this and is looking to archive a soup:

@rixx mh, does not seem to work… which archiver did you use? can I have it too? :3

@daniel_bohrer Without access to your soup, most won't work. The good ones use the secret RSS feed to get all data:

@rixx shouldn't it be possible to rebuild something like that with eg Mastodon?

@fink Oh sure, the technical part is not hard. For that you can also just use tumblr or whatever.

@rixx *looks at available time budget having two kids* ... *does not buy or something*


@fink Yeah, people are always eager to rebuild the easy part ("upload images, share images"). But nobody wants to do the hard part 😉

There are several instagram-in-fediverse software projects around fwiw.

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