If you want to export your (or any) soup.io account, and the RSS feed option is not working for you, try this exporter I hacked together in ways that make good programmers cry blood: github.com/rixx/ripsoup

I'm deeply committed to maintain these 100 lines of code until the end of soup.io in eight days, so if you want to expand them to include text or video posts, I'll merge your PRs with absolutely no due diligence.

Pushed an update to avoid downloading images in reduced size. Kinda experimental, yell at me if things break.

Pushed an update adding exponential backoff to avoid hammering the poor soup.io servers too much. Please also remember to use something like -w2 with your wgets.

Pushed an update making it so that resume actually works, so maybe pull before using that part.


If you want a downloader that is single-step and works with videos and retains metadata, please head over to schlabber, which looks very good: github.com/Blickfeldkurier/sch

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This also wins the "best name for a soup absorption tool" award!

@rixx I am preserving a lot of soups atm using webrecorder.

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