If you meet a polycule for the first time, please be polite and keep your stereotypes to yourself. Nobody wants to get asked who is the top, the bottom, the up, the down, the charm or the strange in the relationship.

If you are not sure which of these you are: Please refer to this tagging guide

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@rixx and here I thought it was going to be the thaums from Pterrys diskworld (up, down, peppermint and sex-appeal).

@rixx It's generally a good advice.

When you encounter a homosexual couple you presumably don't ask them about their sex-life, who plays which role in their relationship etc.

But when you aren't familiar with a relationship model (e.g. Poly, Homosexual), now it's important who is the man in the relationship, who is more dominant during sex and so on?

@frommMoritz Note to self: no jokes on social media after 9pm.

@rixx does this not imply that everyone wants to be asked if they are Quark

@maffsie No. It implies that it is absolutely rude to just ask people about their elemental state. Same goes of course for their spin, charge and mass.

@rixx the fact that all my trans poly friends got this joke probably says something

@JennyP The fact that you have many trans poly friends says excellent things about your choice in friends!

@rixx oh dang I just noticed your pinned post with the city street orientations, I remember looking for the original after seeing it years back, do you by any chance know where it is?

@JennyP There are two originals by Geoff – click through to the blog post in my pinned toot, I've linked them there.

@rixx yes, but who is the redshirt in this?

Sorry 🙏

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