Is there a good library (timezone support, multiple events per file) for writing calendar files in Python, apart from vobject? Vobject looks a bit unmaintained …

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@rixx In the past, I’ve found it’s been less of a headache to just generate them in a Django template, just like you would with HTML.

@rixx But then, I’ve always happened to have the luxury of only caring about a few clients, so YMMV.

@leigh I really really don't want to write this stupid timezone block listing all relevant timezone transitions. That seems like a terrible idea. I'd probably rather maintain a vobject fork with THIS ONE LINE fixed

all of this is your fault btw 💜

@rixx IIRC in the past I’ve just output UTC datetimes with a Z suffix—AIUI clients rarely if ever display the times verbatim in the timezone embedded in the iCalendar file anyway.

@leigh Hmm, that might be the best choice. I mean, maybe they merge my PR, but given that the last commit was two years ago …

minutesString = '00' indeed ¬_¬

@rixx I was once playing around with and it seems to have releases from this year.

@rixx sorry, but I didn't get to venture into the timezone and multi-events zones, so I really cannot recommend anything here…

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