My current todo list is not so much too long as it is fragmented, so I drew* a roadmap. This is the version with most project names redacted, enjoy!

* I cannot, in fact, draw.


Oh wait, half the remaining labels are in German, oops. The one on the left is "dead end", the upper right one is "venueless foothills", the lower right one "Swamps of Sadness" (yes, the horse-killing ones).

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The full version has goals and way more labels, they have been redacted to protect the innocent (me) and the guilty (also me).

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It's nice to see that my tastes have not evolved since I was four and we got to draw treasure maps in kindergarten. Admittedly, this one has less deadly spikes, and both Past Tobi and Present Tobi are a bit disappointed. (It is plenty deadly, though.)

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@rixx awesome! I will be stealing that idea 😃
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