New Dune movie trailer, and it looks like Yet Another Movie, sadly. Give me daring aesthetics!


I didn't like Dune much while reading it, but if there has to be a new movie, I don't want it to be one among thousands. I imagine watching “Jodorowsky's Dune” has spoiled me senseless. But look at Giger's concept art!

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Or this excellent throne room art that shows the ridiculous sense of scale present in the books! (via DeviantArt,

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Unless the trailer is misleading, Mad Max had a stronger sense of different and bold aesthetics than Dune.

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Herbert once said that Schoenherr was the only man who has ever visited Dune. Illustrations:

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@rixx Half of the movie would just be walking up to the throne.

@rixx now I want to watch the old Dune movies. and Fury Road.

@rixx (old movies just to get a sense of "what was that story again" to see if I want to read the books because ooof, so many books to be read)

@pascoda Dune is somewhat like Tolkien, in that it was foundational for a genre, but is not a particularly good book on its own unless you just happen to be into the concept, imo. I didn't enjoy reading it, but it was weird in a way that isn't done anymore, and felt educational. I'm happy I read it but I wasn't particularly happy while reading it.

@rixx yes, this. Having seen "Jodorowsky's Dune" it's unlikely that anything will be as good as Jodorowsky's vision promised :(

@rixx Now I see what you mean. I watched the documentary on “Jodorowsky's Dune”, the movie that was cancelled just before filming began. Impressive stuff!


(I don't want to spoil a movie you like but to contextualize : Jodorowsky is a rapist, and a proud one in top of that)

@Nocta My point is not about Jodorowsky, that's just the movie's title. My point – and the image I posted – is about Giger and his drawings.

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