Social media apps - and phone apps in general - are so much more bearable in gray-scale. This alone makes the new phone worth it. More "reading content", less "being assaulted by colours".

Available in modern Android (and therefore probably in iOS since forever).

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Actually, this has been working so well for me that I now have a keyboard shortcut on my laptop to toggle colours on and off, and it's the best feeling.

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@rixx oh I like that, thanks for the idea. I am doing it with a keyboard shortcut as well.
It's weird for my screen to have the relaxing feel of a newspaper.

@pinkprius @rixx whoa, that's like a whole new world of grey - in a good way!

@rixx nice idea, do you have the command for me?

@rixx 😘 danke. Da hatte ich eben schon geguckt aber da war ich wohl zu schnell :D

@leah Hatte das if/else falschrum, falls du das kopierst, guck lieber noch mal :D

@rixx uii ganz schön komplex ich dachte ich hätte da neulich was einfacheres gesehen. Aber trotzdem Danke!

@leah Na das tatsächliche grau ist ja nur ein Befehl, der Rest ist Bequemlichkeit.

@rixx klar, ist nur wie gesagt das mein Kopf was anderes in der Erinnerung hatte was gut möglich auch schlicht falsch sein könnte ;)

@rixx Oh, neat, thanks for the idea and script!
I modified it a bit, so it doesn't need a tempfile, but depends on pgrep (procps-ng package) now:

@tercean Ah, nice! I was wondering how to do that, and then I was too lazy to figure it out. Stolen immediately.

@rixx Oh wow, this grayscale filter is great! \o/ Now I have to find out what is so special about the wallpaper… ^^
Or another way to phrase it: the filter lets me appreciate my wallpaper even more :3

@daniel_bohrer Grayscale is amazing, isn't it? I'm fine with my chosen wallpaper being in colour (though I considered having all wallpapers in a grayscale version and swapping them out). I think wallpaper colour is because it's set directly via X, and your compositor only cares about (and renders) windows and window-like elements on top of that.

@rixx yes, probably something like that. But unfortunately it turns out that my laptop CPU is not happy about that much of 3D rendering… seems I have to debug the mesa situation again :-/

@daniel_bohrer Huh, interesting, I didn't see any noticeable increase in CPU load.

@rixx yeah, it's obviously not using any graphics acceleration. I've never had any use for this on my laptop, so I haven't gotten any chance to debug the setup yet ^^

@rixx I am definitely surprised that syntax highlighting is still useful with this filter, even if it's just shades of gray!

@daniel_bohrer I'm thinking about adding a grayscale colour profile to my terminal and to switch to that when disabling colours, but I'm currently too lazy

@rixx btw, what does the >! redirection operator do in scripts/togglecolour? I cannot find anything about it in the bash manpage…

@daniel_bohrer The commit linked there had to be overridden (and by now I use the version by tercean, see

I was still thinking in zsh, not in bash. You can configure zsh to require >! when you pipe into an existing file to make sure you don't accidentally override an entire file. I like that, because > is scary.

@therealraccoon Seeing as it removes all colour, it would also remove all reds, yes.

@rixx @therealraccoon redshift uses randr while your script draws below that with picom, so both work simultaneously. It just gets very red, as the b/w screen gets tinted afterwards 😄

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