My life today will be like one of those Grimm fairytales that are interpreted to death and beyond.

His magical companion 📱spoke to the Prince, "you will be in grave danger tomorrow! But if you rise with the sun and speak no word before leaving the castle, you'll be safe."

Because the Prince knew the fate awaiting princes who did not heed their magical companion's warnings, he rose with the first light. He woke his dearest companion*, packed bread and water, and set off into the Forbidden Forest.

* hey, at least I didn't make you the old servant

And Jungians all go "Dark Forest! Forbidden Forest! I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS hold my typewriter we're going in"

They wandered aimlessly for hours, for these woods were strange and unfamiliar.

Two roads diverged in the wood, and they - they took the one more travelled by, because they knew better than to go to poets for practical advice.

(picture here because Tusky bonks file uploads over bad network)

This led them to a suspiciously straight road that seemed to go on forever. Like the dogs fools they were, they immediately decided to follow our. Little did they know that the wood took "forever" quite literally.

(pics continue on twitter, it really was a very long and straight road)


They finally came to a similar fork, and decided to appease the great and terrible wizard Frost

Finally following the Road Less Travelled, they came upon an enchanted little farm.

Two donkeys approached them and asked politely for food. But the travellers had read the signs warning them off, so they (equally politely) refused. Thrice they were asked, thrice they refused.

They continued, and started to eat the meagre provisions that the Prince in his wisdom had brought, when they suddenly spotted a little man in a strange green hood. He beckoned them closer, and said "As thanks for not feeding my donkeys I'm going to permit you to leave my forest"

They followed the road indicated by the wizard Frost. It led them through treacherous marches and abandoned villages, but slowly, the countryside appeared friendlier.

Finally, they came to an inviting home, where they were taken in in exchange for stories of their travels.

💣 Bomb defused, we're back home. Thanks for following our adventure

@rixx And I was already a bit frightened, because of the silence 😁

@daniel_bohrer Ich habe ja oft solche Ideen und poste dann nicht, weil ich selten glaube, dass das wen interessiert. Ich arbeite dran :breadpeek:

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